Supplies & Solutions

About Us

Here in MOTIVE, we work so hard to provide integrated solutions & Supplies for factories, to help them move forward faster and more smoothly, and to be a partner and the backbone for all who seek help in all fields we provide, MOTIVE  focus on supplying all the factories Regardless of its field with high-quality products with the lowest price in the market and cost-effective industrial equipment and machinery products to our customers.

Our Other wing is supporting all Factories with all operation solutions which is super effective and super money saving starting from Business consultation, Marketing & PR, Human Resources and Training on all fields

We took a promise upon ourselves to be the most important partners for all our beloved Factories.

Our Vision

Becoming the best global firm to provide all integrated solutions for factories and companies

Also being the destination for all companies in all operation solutions, starting from business consultation, marketing & PR, human resources, and training in all fields.

Our Mission

Providing all factories and companies with all solutions they need, with high quality and best prices.

Supplies & Solutions



A Business Consultants & Operation

We provide specialized expertise in business matters.

Our firms will work with clients, usually on a contractual basis, to determine ways to improve the client,s business performance.


Marketing & PR

PR involves communicating with your market to raise awareness of your business and build and manage your business reputation and relationships with consumers.

While marketing focuses on promoting actual products and services.


Human Resources

We improve HR›s productivity and meet employee expectations more accurately and efficiently. It also makes processes like monitoring and compliance more efficient.



We provide all factories with the most skilled Trainers in all the Industrial Fields